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How to tell if a bug is biting.

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What Is Biting me?

An unexplained rash, itch and bug bite can totally upset a persons life an consume their every thought. This problem can be extremely hard to identify and remedy. This article examines possible causes, symptoms and hopefully solutions.

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Can Bug Bites be identified? Is their another cause for bug bite symptoms?

If I have learned anything in my 30 years of Pest Control experience it is that bug bites are often identified improperly and yet with certainty. This can lead to an unnecessary treatment and expense. A Pest Control Company should not treat for any Pest without a proper diagnosis of the target Pest.

Most people focus on 1 or 2 possibilities and it is often very hard to get them to explore other options. 
It must be noted that every person will react differently to to each bite. Some people do not react at all to a bite of any kind while others can react severely. Skin pigmentation may cause a bite to look different. So may soft or dry skin. The bite appearance may also change from scratching.

One of my favorite sayings is “A red bump is a red bump and they all look similar”. It is my belief that in most situations a pest cannot be identified by a bite. Unless the area is caused by a human parasites that actually lives on the skin or under the skin a Doctor or at the least a General Practitioner cannot identify a pest by a bite and neither can a Pest Control Technician.

Other Causes of Bug Bite Symptoms ➜What can be done to eliminate causes of bug bite symptoms? ➜

What do insect bites look like?

Other causes of Insect Bite
like symptoms

There are literally hundreds of non-insect agents capable of causing itching and irritation. Household products are involved far more often than are pests and may cause skin reactions similar to insect bites. The are other factors that may cause bug like marks and symptoms. All of these factors and must be explored before repeated insect spraying occurs. 
Changes in medication, diet, household products or toiletries that come in contact directly or indirectly to the skin. These products may be the same brands that have always been used but with out your knowledge the ingredients, fillers or additives may have been changed by the manufacturer. As a person ages allergies that have you have never had may develop. Changes in environment or stress levels may be a cause as well. 
Below is a list of some possible culprits

Some Health-Related Conditions that can cause bug bite symptoms:

What can be done to eliminate causes of bug bite symptoms?

Most of the calls I receive for unexplained bites cannot be identified by a Pest Control Company and this includes me. At most in these situation I can only educate the affected person about other possibilities. Everything I can teach about this subject is in this article. I hope it helps.

Written by Rob Sullivan of Cobra Pest Control

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