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Rhode Island Insulation Replacement

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Insulation Replacement is necessary when it is full of Rodent Droppings, Urine and Dead Animals should be Safely Replaced and the surrounding areas cleaned and sanitized. This Should be done by a Qualified Pest Control Company with training in the Diseases associated with Animal Feces and Urine as well as Safety.
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This page will answer the questions: Why have an Exterminator Replace Insulation? - Why are Animal Feces and Urine Dangerous? - What Kind of Insulation do you use? – What don't you like about Loose Fill Insulation? – What do you do different than other Pest Control Companies?– Why Cobra Pest Control over a Contractor? – Insulation Replacement Considerations.

RId Attic and Basement Insulation Cleaning and ReplacementInsulation Damaged from Animals RI needs ReplacementReplacement of Infected Insulation in attic Bat Droppings Cause HistoplasmosisMouse Feces under insulation attic and basement

Cobra Pest Control offers “Insulation Replacement” and “Sanitizing Services”. Most Companies use a loose fill insulation (ground up new paper) which is blown over the existing insulation. We use “Fiber Glass Insulation” for a variety of reasons explained below, the two most important being easier for future Pest Monitoring and Less Mess.

Pros and Cons of Insulation Replacement

Since Cobra Pest Control is a local one man operation and Rob Sullivan with over 28 years of “Safe Sanitation Experience” who does all the work himself, “Insulation Replacement” is done right the first time at a much better price and “Safety Margin”. Cobra Pest Control has no managers, technicians or secretaries to pay or other expenses that the bigger companies pay. This cost saving is passed on to the customer.


"Who would have thought that a Pest Control would replace my attic insulation?

When Rob came to remove my Bat problem he showed me pictures on his phone of the Guano left by the Bats. Rob told me to do some research on Diseases and Parasites associated with Bat Droppings. After a sleepless night on Google I called Rob and asked for an estimate. The estimate was definitely less than other pest companies I called. It was even less than a contractor I called but with the added benefit of the cleaning and sanitation.

Thank you Rob
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Why have an Exterminator Replace Insulation?

Any home or business that has had a problem with Rodents, Bats, Birds or Larger Animals can accumulate unhealthy amounts of Urine and Feces. Animal Urine and Feces are known to carry over 35+ diseases. Cobra Pest Control offers a Safe Rodent Clean Up Service for a Safe, Clean and Sanitized Environment.

Why are Animal Feces and Urine Dangerous?

Guano can carry a fungus known to cause Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is caused by breathing in fecal dust matter, a disease you can get from exposure to Bat Feces ( Bat Droppings). Some other Diseases, Bacteria and Parasites associated with Guano, Animal Droppings, Rodent poo or whatever you want to call it are: Staphyloccocci, Streptococci, Hantavirus, Roundworm, Cryptococcus the list is pretty long. Suffice it to say all Animal waste should be picked up, cleaned up and disinfected.​ Urine is also a major concern of which you cannot see. If cleanup is done wrong all the Dangerous Pathogens will be released into the air.

What Kind of Insulation do you use?

I use Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation Faced for a Moisture Barrier between the exterior and the living areas. I discuss the Pros and Cons of the R-Value factor R-13 through R-38. The higher the R number means the thicker the Insulation and more Insulating power.

What don’t you like about Loose Fill Insulation?

Loose Fill or Blown Insulation has many drawbacks. I have seen many air condition units overheat and break from insulation covering air intake. Loose fill covers ceiling joists making it very difficult and unsafe to walk in the attic. In fact many service people including; Electricians, Cooling and Heating Techs, Pest Guys, Home Inspectors etc. will refuse to go in the attic with blown insulation. The insulation is extremely messy, every time you open the attic door it will fall on you, your ladder and floor. It is IMPOSSIBLE to inspect for rodent droppings. If a wet Bat Dropping falls on to the insulation poof it is covered and surrounded by loose fill. Many Companies use an insulation infused with a borate type product to keep the Pests out but that would only work on insects, if at all. Borate products will do nothing for Rodents, Flying Bats or Wasp building nests above the insulation.

What do you do different than other Pest Control Companies?

I do not use the Blown-in type Insulation. It makes a mess every time someone goes into the attic. It covers the ceiling joists and makes it very difficult for footing. It makes it virtually impossible to do any type of future inspections. I use Fiberglass Insulation, whatever the R-Value the customer wants.
Other things I do differently? I do just about everything different than most Exterminator Firms. I was trained differently in a different area of the country that required by far more Education and Experience
(See Rob's Experience)

Why Cobra Pest Control over a Contractor?

There is not one thing wrong with contractors with the exception of the Knowledge and Experience of Removing Animal Waste. Only a Licensed Pest Professional with Experience would know how to keep things Safe.

Insulation Replacement Considerations

  • Price is not the only consideration. Value and safety are important.
  • Consider all the benefits, pros and cons of each type of insulation.
  • Ask questions. Does the one doing the work know anything about disease associated with animal waste?
  • Ask about R-Value
  • If you go with loose fill over fiberglass insulation will you be able to easily find ceiling joists to walk or electrical wires.
  • Consider how this will affect Rodent Inspections. Will you be able to monitor if you get new Mouse Feces.
  • Address the reason you need new insulation be replacing. Mice, Bats or other Animals.
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