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Bed Bug Tips for your Hotel Stay

Bed Bug Tips for your Hotel Stay

A very simple guide to help you avoid bringing home Bed Bugs after your stay in a hotel.

As the Bed Bug epidemic gets increasingly worse. There are many reasons why. More international travel. The economy dropping and people moving in together. More and more people buying second hand. People demanding that Pest Control Companies use more Green Pesticides. The fact that Bed Bugs are very adaptable to treatment. Also that Bed Bugs can go over a year without feeding, stand extreme temperatures. There is more reason to take extra cautions when traveling.

This list will help.
When you enter the room put your luggage in the bathroom.

Do an inspection of the bed. Take off bedding. Look in seams of mattress, headboard, dustcover, etc.
Look for blood stains, insects(of any kind), pepper like particles or anything that looks like it doesn't belong.

Inspect the other furniture.

Inspect the baseboards.

Keep your luggage, clothes, shoes, etc. off the bed and

Have a plastic bag to put your dirty clothes in.

At home unpack in the garage and take items right to the
washing machine.

Store your luggage in the garage.

Stop being grossed out right this second!
March 23, 2017
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