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Cobra Pest Control offers “Seasonal Pest Extermination” for much less than any other “Seasonal Pest Control Company” and gives a “One Year Pest Control Guarantee”. Rob will not try to sell you a long time service contract that you do not need.
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This page to answer the questions: What are Seasonal Pests - What kind of Seasonal Pests are there? - Are Seasonal Pests  Dangerous? – What are the signs of me having Seasonal Pests? – How did I get Seasonal Pests? – How can I Rid my house of Seasonal Pests? – Seasonal Pest Control Tips for your home.

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Every Fall many Insects such as Lady BugsSquash Bugs and Stink Bugs to name just a few start to migrate indoors. These Insects will overwinter in the attic or under siding. It is possible to see a few all winter long. In the spring these insects start to move again. These are Seasonal Pests and will more or less disappear on their own but often will get worse year after year unless the house is treated.

Seasonal Pests in Rhode Island

Since Cobra Pest Control is a local one man operation and Rob Sullivan with over 28 years of “Seasonal Pest Extermination Experience” who does all the work himself, “Seasonal Pest Control” is done right the first time at a much better price and “Guarantee”. Cobra Pest Control has no managers, technicians or secretaries to pay or other expenses that the bigger companies pay. This cost saving is passed on to the customer.


"Robert Sullivan of Cobra Pest Control was very good.

His estimate was almost half the price of other pest control professionals that I contacted. He was on time for all appointments and he was polite in all communication with me. I would highly recommend him to others.”

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Every Year that I have lived in my house here in Foster I get Lady Bugs by the 1000’s.

My regular bug guy always told me there was nothing that could be done and that they would go away in a couple weeks. Every year they got worse. I finally called Mr. Sullivan at Cobra Pest Control and boy I am glad I did. He sprayed my attic, soffits and all the outside and I haven't seen a bug since.

Mrs. Freeman
Foster, RI 02825
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Seasonal Pest Information
Biology and Behavior

What are Seasonal Pests?

Seasonal Pests are Insects that enter a building as the weather starts to turn cold. These Pests come in to over winter in the attic and under siding with some reaching the interior. Most activity will slowly calm down as the insects go into a sort of sleep. In the spring as these Pests start to wake up you may begin to see more and once again the activity will peter out until the following fall. Every year the problem will tend to get worse.

What kind of Seasonal Pests are there?

There are many types of Seasonal Pests some of the most common in Rhode Island and the New England Area are Lady BugsCricketsPill BugsBoxelder Bugs and Squash Bugs and Stink Bugs.

Are Seasonal Pest Dangerous?

The Seasonal Pests listed above are not dangerous or harmful. Seasonal Pests are just a Nuisance Pest. Your choice are to Spray yourself, put up with them till the next season or the best choice is to end to cycle and call Cobra Pest Control.

What are the signs of Seasonal Pests?

The only real sign of these Bugs is visual. Most will be in the attic where it is warmer.

How did I get Seasonal Pests?

These Insects will start to look for shelter to survive the winter. Their natural choice would be under tree bark, in the hollow of a tree and any other crevice they can find. Most would die over the winter. The siding of a building is very similar to a bark of a tree and a house. Buildings have many other crevices some leading into the attic many pest can fly so you can see a lot there. Since buildings provide a warmer environment most of these Pests survive and in time if will get out of control.

How can I rid my house of Seasonal Pests?

Some over the counter Insecticide may help. Just follow the label. Most of these bugs are found in the attic so treatment there is the most important.

Seasonal Pest Control Tips for your home

  • Seal cracks and crevices found around your home’s exterior.
  • Caulk or foam gaps around windows and doors.
  • Keep window screens in good order.
  • Seal around exterior, cable lines and other utility lines.
  • Treat the attic and basement in the early spring and early fall.
  • Keep rain gutters clean.
  • Replace planter mulch and don’t just cover with a new layer.
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