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Raccoons can be a disturbing and frightening pest. Rob will trap and “Seal Off All Openings”.
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This page to answer the questions: What is a Raccoon? – What What do Raccoons Look Like? –  Do Raccoons Bite? – What are the signs of me having Raccoon? – How can I rid my house of a Raccoon? Raccoon Control Tips for your Home.

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Cobra Pest Control offers “Humane Raccoon Trapping” Most companies don't do “Wildlife Removal”. The ones that do or say they specialize in “Raccoon Remediation Work”, charge a lot more than Rob.

Since Cobra Pest Control is a local one man operation and Rob Sullivan with over 28 years of “Raccoon Control Experience” who does all the work himself, “Raccoon Trapping” is done right the first time at a much better price and “Guarantee”. Cobra Pest Control has no managers, technicians or secretaries to pay or other expenses that the bigger companies pay. This cost saving is passed on to the customer.


"Rob from Cobra is a real professional.

He arrived when he said he would did a thorough inspection and gave sensible
We've started the project and need to wait for the results. I think the results will be good, but it's still early. This is a major project because we found droppings from mice, rats, squirrels and racoon and/or possum. But based on where we are today, I'm satisfied.” 

Frank Narragansett
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"I am very satisfied with the fast and efficient service I received.

The price was reasonable and was given a one year guarantee on service. I found Rob Sullivan, owner/operator, very friendly and efficient. I will call, Cobra Pest Control, again when needed.”

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Raccoon Information
Biology and Behavior

What are Raccoons?

Raccoons are large shy creatures, active at night. Raccoons are common in Rhode Island and the New England Area. They prefer to live close to a water source and as they adapt to living around people this will include man made fish ponds and even watering troughs.

What do Raccoons look like?

Raccoons have a grayish brown fur with black markings. Raccoons are easily identified by the Black Mask on the face and a bushy tail with four to six black rings. They range from 3-4 feet long and 10-40 pounds. They walk somewhat stooped forward because their rear legs are longer than the front. Their paws have very adept finger like digits with long claws.

Do Raccoons Bite?

All Wild Animals will Bite and Raccoons are no exception. Raccoons can be very vicious if defending her young or cornering them. A Raccoon could possibly be carrying the Rabies Virus.

What are the signs of me having a Raccoon?

Raccoons are Nocturnal meaning they roam at night but they will also forage for food during the day food is scarce. She will leave her offspring in the nest until they are old enough to learn from mom. All of these Animals will dig in the lawn or planters in search of grubs and insects to eat. Raccoons will eat fish in a decorative koi pond. Other signs in the yard are overturned trash cans, foot prints and feces. Foot prints and feces could be in the attic as well. Strange noises in the attic, chimney and walls can be an indication.

How did I get Raccoons?

Raccoons will be attracted to something in your yard that the Raccoons like. This could be pet food, a fruit tree, a garden, opened trash cans even unopened cans, or just a small opening to your attic, basement or shed. Or you could be just in the path of the roaming Raccoon.

How can I rid my house of a Raccoon?

Provide less food for them. Try to trap them, and only Use a Humane Catch Trap or a Havahart Trap. Seal off all exterior openings after the animal is gone. But the best way is to call Rob at Cobra Pest Control.

Raccoon Control Tips for your home

  • Teach kids to never approach Wild Raccoons.
  • If you trap yourself which is your right, check with local animal control.
  • Inspect your yard for harborage areas. Hollow trees, under sheds, under decks and access to the attic.
  • Be careful letting small pets out at night, this includes young kids. Raccoons can be very vicious if attacked or startled.
  • If you notice any Raccoons during the day, many can forage at this time especially if they are rearing young.
  • Check the animals appearance and report if they appear sick.
  • Signs of a Raccoon possibly infected with Rabies could be a staggering gait, seemingly oblivious to noise or nearby movement, erratic wandering, discharge from eyes or mouth, wet and matted hair on face, repeated high-pitch vocalization, and even self-mutilation. But an Animal infected may not have any outward signs. Always err on the side of caution.
  • Don't feed Raccoons from your yard.
  • Clean up any feces found ASAP. They may contain Round Worm eggs. Dogs will eat poop.
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