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Squirrel Control.
The good, the bad and the ugly.

Squirrels, those cute little fluffy tailed animals that frolic from tree branch to tree branch, not causing anyone any harm, or are they.

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What Is Biting me?

An unexplained rash, itch and bug bite can totally upset a persons life an consume their every thought. This problem can be extremely hard to identify and remedy. This article examines possible causes, symptoms and hopefully solutions.

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Could you imagine what life would be like without Pest Control?

In RI and the rest of the nation there have been a lot of debate in the news and on the web on the subjects like the safety of Pesticides and if there is a need for Pest Control Companies. Most opinions are quite heated either for or against. Both sides have some very good points and should be researched.

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Bat Facts:

Bats are flying mammals.
Bats can fly up to 40-60 miles per hour.
Bats are the Best at Natural Pest Control. They can consume over 1,000 Mosquitoes in one hour, and more than their body weight in one night.
Bats can find their food in total darkness by using their high evolved sense of hearing called Echolocation a form of sonar.

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Mice. Just a winter Pest?

As winter turns to spring and then finally to summer, the focus on rodents can turn to insects. This is understandable with bugs waking up and crawling out of every crack and crevice. As nights become warm and food plentiful for mice, they may spend more time outside. But because mice have adapted well to living with people there is also the possibility of mice staying in the interior especially if if there is plenty of food, water and shelter.

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Bed Bug Treatment: Insecticide or Heat?

There are many forms of Bed Bug Treatments. Most notably are Insecticides and Thermal Heat Treatments. More and more methods are surfacing daily.

Pesticide treatments have been around for a very long time, About as long as man. Products have evolved and methods have been refined.

Heat Treatments are still a relatively new concept. There is very little data available, unless you consider a very large amount of speculation online. There are some opinions from people not necessarily for Heat, but against Pesticides in general. Heat Treatments are one of many new products and services brought about by the green movement.

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Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips

Well we have finally had our first 60 degree day of the year. Can you believe it was on the first day of spring? Any day now Carpenter Ants will be out in full force. It has been a long winter and these Pest will be ready to forage for food. Carpenter Ants search for food just like any other Ant, they do not eat wood. They are Carpenters so they build and excavate. This is how they got their name. As the Queen Ant lays more and more eggs and the colony grows, there is a need for more room. Carpenter Ants will damage wood by hollowing it out. Carpenter Ant Nests and Galleys have a very smooth, clean and sand papered finish.

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​What is a Termite Swarmer, isn't that a flying Ant?

A Termite Swarmer is an Adult winged termite called an alate or swarmer. Termite Swarmers are small, black and have two pairs of long, narrow wings of equal size. Most people confuse Termite Swarmers for flying ants. The difference in appearance of a winged termite can be distinguished from a Winged Ant by the following: A Termite Alate has 4 transparent wings of the same size and length. An Ant Alate has 4 transparent wings too but the front 2 are longer than the back. Termite Swarmers have slightly curved and beaded antennae. Winged Ants have elbowed antennae. The Termite is noted for its lack of waist, it looks as if it only has 2 body parts. Where as the Ant has a waist and 3 distinct body parts.

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Bed Bug Tips for your Hotel Stay

As the Bed Bug epidemic gets increasingly worse. There are many reasons why. More international travel. The economy dropping and people moving in together. More and more people buying second hand. People demanding that Pest Control Companies use more Green Pesticides. The fact that Bed Bugs are very adaptable to treatment. Also that Bed Bugs can go over a year without feeding, stand extreme temperatures. There is more reason to take extra cautions when traveling. This list will help.

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Termite Swarmers Take Flight from Pawtucket to Westerly

Charlestown, RI February 18, 2009 -- They're here ... those tiny terrifying, little bugs that are known to cause $5 billion in damages to our homes and businesses. It is swarming season, when termite colonies send off large numbers of winged reproductive termites, called "swarmers". Hundreds to thousands of these swarmers appear inside our home or building, flying a short distance before falling to the ground and losing their wings. Soon afterwards, female termites emit a pheromone to attract male termites for mating. Afterwards, these termites search for a location to begin a new colony.

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