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Rhode Island Pantry Pest Control

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Pantry Pest Extermination is very effective with a thorough Moth and Beetle Inspection and the the most important part finding the source.
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This page will answer the questions: What are Pantry Pests? - What are Indian Meal Moths? - What are Food Beetles? – Can Pantry Pests cause disease? – What are the signs of me having Pantry Pests? – How did I get Pantry Pests? – How can I Rid my house of Pantry Pests? – Pantry Pest Control Tips for your home.

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Pantry Pest Exterminator Service

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Mrs. Gerald T. Griffith

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"Very professional, courteous, knowledgable and timely. 

At this point it appears problem solved. Again very professional..highly recommended to all”

Jim Pawtucket
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What are Pantry Pests?

Pantry Pests also called Stored Product Pests are usually brought into the home in an infested package of food. Bugs are usually not seen because they are small, especially in the egg and larval stages. There also may only be a couple in the food initially. Often the first sign of an Infestation can be Moths flying in the kitchen and out of the cupboards or Beetles in or near a package of food. These can be foods can be flour, cereal, dry pasta, dry pet food, powdered milk, corn starch, crackers, spices, breads and cereals to only name a few. There are many types of Pantry Pests. Two commons insects are Moths and Beetles. The most common Moth is the Indian Meal Moth. This Moth is easily recognized by the two tone coloring on its back. Beetles can be Warehouse BeetlesSawtoothed Grain BeetlesConfused Flour BeetlesDrugstore Beetles and Cigarette BeetlesAdult Moths and Adult Beetles are easy to distinguish from one another, but the Pantry Pest Larvae are a little more difficult to identify.

What are Indian Meal Moths?

Indian Meal Moths are a small Moth that feed on Stored Grains such as flour, pasta and rice as well as dog food, cat food and bird seed. The Larval Stage doing the damage to the food.

What do Indian Meal Moths look like?

The adult is a Small Moth, about 3/8 inch long. The body color is a dirty gray on half the wing front half of the body and rusty brown or bronze color on the back half. The coloring makes Indian Meal Moths easy to Identify. The Larval Stage is usually cream colored with a dark brown head. The Pupa Stage is similar the the larval stage but wrapped in silk in an out of the way place.

What are Food Beetles?

There are a variety of Beetles that infest grains and other pantry items such as Warehouse BeetlesSawtoothed Grain BeetlesConfused Flour BeetlesDrugstore Beetles, Weevils and Cigarette Beetles.

Can Pantry Pests cause disease?

It is possible that Pantry Pests might introduce Microbes into the food that could produce Mycotoxins, especially if the food is stored in warm, humid conditions. No other known diseases are known with these Insects, but it is undesirable and may make food somewhat unpleasant to eat.

What are the signs of me having Pantry Pests?

Signs of an Infestation can be the appearance of Small Moths or Tiny Beetles moving in and around Stored Food. Tiny pin holes in packaging, spider web like silk on the outside of packaging and in with the food, also damaged food is a sign.

How did I get Pantry Pests?

They are most often brought into the home through Packaged Food Products that have already been infested. Many food stuffs may have an egg or two inside already and may take time to hatch and reproduce. For this reason it may not be a good idea to store grains long term.

How can I rid my house of Pantry Pests?

Getting Rid of Pantry Pests can be difficult. They are small and their coloring may be similar to the food, making them difficult to see. Many of these Pests will crawl away or fly to another place to mate or Pupate. Identifying the source of the infestation and throwing away is the most important step. In my experience many items are missed when homeowners attempt control themselves. Don’t focus on the one infested item found, there may be more. Thoroughly clean the pantry selves and surrounding areas. If this doesn't work or they come back in a month or so, call Rob from Cobra Pest Control to help.

Pantry Pest Control Tips for your home

  • Inspect all food packaging and containers, even the sealed ones.
  • Clean up food spills inside the pantry. Especially corners, cracks and crevices.
  • Put all food into air tight tupperware type containers.
  • Fill cracks and crevices with caulk.
  • At time of purchase inspect food including pest food.
  • Store food in the freezer or double bag. If that is not possible do not buy more food than you will use in a two month period.
  • The source can be in the walls where mice and other pests stored food such as acorns and pet food.
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