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Are Mice just a winter pest?

Mice. Just a winter Pest?

We explore the question, are mice just a winter pest? Facts and reasons.

Mice. Just a Winter Pest?

As winter turns to spring and then finally to summer, the focus on rodents can turn to insects. This is understandable with bugs waking up and crawling out of every crack and crevice. As nights become warm and food plentiful for mice, they may spend more time outside. But because mice have adapted well to living with people there is also the possibility of mice staying in the interior especially if if there is plenty of food, water and shelter.A Mouse Control Strategy is vital to everyones health and well being:Start with Identification. Is the problem a Mouse, Rat, Vole or even a Chipmunk. Recognize the threats Mice have to your home and family or business. Implement a Control Process. Never forget Long term Mouse Control Management.Mouse Identification:The most common evidence of Mice are their droppings, these are best described as a black grain of rice with pointed ends. Gnaw marks, look close and you can see distinct teeth marks in rows. Tracks in dust or on stainless steel. All of these indicate areas where Mice are active. To find evidence look behind items under sinks, in drawers, behind oven and refrigerator, in the garage and basement. Look for nests made of shredded paper or other material.Threats Mice Pose:Mice spread disease and bacteria and contaminate food and surfaces. Mice will also cause damage to items in the home from their constant gnawing also posing a fire hazard from gnawing on electrical wires
Mouse Control: You can use snap traps, glue boards or rodenticides (Repellants and Electronic devices no not work). Sanitation and rodent proofing is vital. Place traps or bait along walls, under sinks, behind the appliances and other out of the way places where mouse droppings have been found. Clean up trash, remove food and shelter. Make sure all of your doors, windows, and screens are\ tight. Seal all exterior cracks and openings 1⁄4" or larger. Use wire screen, cement and silicone. Do not leave pet food out over night. Store food in hard plastic containers. Take out the trash every night. Keep plants and shrubbery away from the edge of the building. Long term management: Keep your traps or bait in out of the way places as a precaution. Check areas that you sealed off on a regular basis. Keep following the sanitation, food and storage tips.Even though winter brings in a lot of Mice, control measures should start in the spring. Mice will start breeding in the spring. When you consider that Mice will have 6-7 offspring and those will reach maturity in 3-4 months control should start as soon as possible. In the spring and summer entry points will be easier to find and sealants will cure better.
March 30, 2017
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