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Rhode Island Silverfish Control

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Silverfish Control can be very effective with the proper products, knowledge and preparation.
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This page will answer the questions: What are Silverfish? – What do Silverfish look like? – Are Silverfish Dangerous? – What are the signs of me having Silverfish? – How did I get Silverfish? – How can I Rid my house of Silverfish? – Silverfish Control Tips for your home.

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Cobra Pest Control offers “Silverfish Elimination” for much less than any other “Silververfish Control Company” and gives a “One Year Silverfish Guarantee”. Rob will not try to sell you a long time service contract that you do not need.

Rhode Island Silverfish Exterminator Service

Since Cobra Pest Control is a local one man operation and Rob Sullivan with over 28 years of “Silverfish Extermination Experience” who does all the work himself, “Silverfish Control” is done right the first time at a much better price and “Silverfish Guarantee”. Cobra Pest Control has no managers, technicians or secretaries to pay or other expenses that the bigger companies pay. This cost saving is passed on to the customer.



Thank you for educating me on the life cycle and habits of silverfish. I never knew that they could be found in the attic or destroy clothes. I always thought. The holes in my wife’s silk blouses came from clothes moths. You were also correct in telling me that the woodpecker damage to my siding could have been the woodpeckers tapping for silverfish or other bugs. All I know is since you spray the house and the siding I have seen no hide nor hair of silverfish, woodpeckers or other creepy crawlies." 

Wesley Mills
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Silverfish Information
Biology and Behavior

What are Silverfish?

Silverfish are a common household Pests that get their name from their similar looks to fish. They live in dark, humid locations such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms. These Insects are nocturnal so for the most part you will only see them at night. 
Fire Brat is slightly different but of the same mold and habits.

What do Silverfish look like?

Silverfish are about 1/2” and silvery blue in color with a hard Exoskeleton. They look somewhat like fish. They have two long antennae on their head and three prominent tails on their thorax or rear.

Are Silverfish Dangerous?

Silverfish are not dangerous to people but they can destroy books, paper and some types of garments. Their diet consists of high starch foods found in the pantry as well as the glue in the packaging of these items. These Bugs can also destroy books and paper products by eating the glue holding the bindings together. Silverfish and Firebrats especially like the glue behind wall paper. Most damage caused by Silverfish is from their very acidic feces.

What are the signs of me having Silverfish?

The main sign is visual usually at night and they are very fast. These Insects can be found almost anywhere, they prefer dark, moist and temperatures  around 60-80 degrees. They can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, attics, and basements. They can also be found in cardboard boxes, bookcases, old magazines, on closet shelves, kitchen pantry, behind wallpaper and baseboards. Damage is small different shaped holes making an item look almost worn and threadbare.

How can I rid my house of Silverfish?

Silverfish Control is not easy to accomplish, since they can be in so many different dark, protected places from the attic through the basement, inside boxes and even behind exterior siding. Their diet can place them in the pantry, clothes closet, any room with wall paper and even the attic where there is paperback insulation and glues. They also reproduce very quickly and have a long life. They are nocturnal so you don't see them often. And they are very fast. Control will probably only come from a Professional Exterminator with a lot of Silverfish Experience like Rob Sullivan of Cobra Pest Control.

How did I get Silverfish?

Silverfish may have come in with the construction materials on a new home or remodeling materials on a refurbished home. You may have even brought them home from the grocery store. Silverfish are strictly indoor Pests.

Silverfish Control Tips for your home

  • Vacuum frequently to get rid of eggs especially around baseboard and out of the way areas.
  • Put books in a plastic bag and then the freezer for a few days.
  • Put starchy food into air tight tupperware type containers.
  • Leave counters and sinks free of crumbs and dirty dishes at night.
  • Store seldom used or old clothes in airtight containers or bags.
  • Replace old wallpaper with new wallpaper or paint.
  • Store your cardboard boxes on shelves instead of the floor or in plastic bins.
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