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Cobra Pest Control offers “Squirrel Elimination” for much less than any other “Squirrel Control Company” and gives a “One Year Squirrel Control Guarantee” the house. Rob will not try to sell you a long time service contract that you do not need.

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This page will answer the questions: What is a Squirrel? - What does a Squirrel look like? - Do Squirrels Bite? – What are the signs of me having Squirrels? – How did I get Squirrels? – How can I Rid my house of Squirrels? – Squirrel Control Tips for your home.

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Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control can be difficult at best, when an animal jumps from tree to roof or power lines to roof. Squirrels will also gnaw their way into the attic.  A very thorough inspection of the surrounding area and roof is vital. The Pest Companies that do Squirrel Work or say they specialize in Wildlife Work charge a lot more than Rob.
Since Cobra Pest Control is a local one man operation and Rob Sullivan with over 28 years of “Squirrel Elimination Experience” who does all the work himself, “Squirrel Control” is done right the first time at a much better price and “Guarantee”. Cobra Pest Control has no managers, technicians or secretaries to pay or other expenses that the bigger companies pay. This cost saving is passed on to the customer.


“With Cobra Pest Control contact was prompt for appt., on my schedule- 

so I did not have to miss work. Completed pest control plan on
@ 9-10:30am-my house was fully set to move forward. 1 week out, no issues, 2 weeks out-no issues but I can call if I notice anything ”squirrels and bugs"= work guaranteed for 1 year.”

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I enjoyed talking with Rob the day he sprayed my house.

He didn’t rush, he seemed genuinely interested in my family and concerns. I learned that Rob is a family man with 4 kids and a wife he obviously is proud of and loves very much. I learned he is a very hard worker that stocked shelves at Wal-Mart at night and delivered mail for the Charlestown Post office all when Starting Cobra Pest Control. This is after he relocated from California selling a Pest Control business that he built from the ground up. 

I know this is not a Pest Control review but I think it lets you know something about his character.

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Squirrel Information
Biology and Behavior

What is a Squirrel?

Squirrels are very agile Rodents with big fluffy tails, can climb trees and jump incredibly well. They nest in trees. Squirrels can be found in the woods and the city. The squirrels in the cities have become almost dependent on humans. They do not have much in the way of of a Squirrels Natural Environment in the city so its attics and under eaves where they end up.

What do Squirrels look like?

Eastern Gray Squirrels are Rodents (like Mice and Rats) and can reach in size up to 17" to 20". They have grey fur, their bellies are a more pale grey. The tail has silver hairs at the end and is very bushy.

Do Squirrels bite?

Squirrels have no aggressive nature, but they will bite to defend themselves. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

What are the signs of me having Squirrels?

Signs of having Squirrels are noises. They are usually active during the day and make a lot of noise as they run around. In the attic, you might see leaves, twigs and balled up insulation, this indicates a possible nest. You may find a cache of nuts. Another sign is squirrel droppings which are usually black smooth and oval in shape.

How did I get Squirrels?

Squirrels will enter your home from the upper levels into your attic or walls through a hole either made by them or already there. Attics make the perfect home for Squirrels; its warm, plenty of nesting material, usually tree limbs or power lines close and they feel secure there.

How can I rid my house of Squirrels?

Inspect all places where Squirrels enter, this will require ladders. Trying to poison them may have a lot of unsatisfactory consequences. Sealing off the openings is essential for long term control. Also you don't want them blocked inside with no way out. It is best to use a Squirrel Control Expert.

Squirrel Control Tips for your home

  • Don't hang bird feeders or try a squirrel-proof bird feeder.
  • Trim low hanging tree branches that are close to the roof of your home.
  • Inspect the roof and eaves so you can seal off little holes before a squirrel finds it and makes it wider for entry.
  • Try a product called Ro-pel to coat bulbs and plants the Squirrels like to eat.
  • Consider banding your poles and trees that are close to the house with smooth metal a good 6 feet above the ground. Squirrels are very good climber and jumpers.
  • Consider banding your poles and trees that are close to the house with smooth metal a good 6 feet above the ground. Squirrels are very good climber and jumpers.
  • Check your attic, basement and all unfinished areas of your home with a flashlight periodically.
  • Non-electrical wires leading to your roof can be covered with a slim hollow pipe like PVC that will spin when a squirrel ttys to climb across. It has to be long. Squirrels can jump up to 5 feet vertically, and they can jump up to 10 feet between objects.
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