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Cobra Pest Control offers “Mosquito Extermination” for much less, with a
“One Year Seasonal Guarantee”

Rhode Island Mosquito EliminationRI Mosquito Elimination
Rhode Island Mosquito ExterminatorRhode Island Mosquito Exterminator

This page will answer the questions: What are Mosquitoes? – What do Mosquitoes look like? – What do Mosquito Bites look like? –  Can Mosquitoes cause any disease? – What are the signs of me having Mosquitoes? – How did I get Roaches? – How did I get Mosquitoes? – How can I Rid my house of Mosquitoes? – What does Cobra Pest Control Charge for Mosquito Control Services? – Mosquito Control Tips for your home.

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Mosquito Control can be difficult at best. In fact most companies don't do Mosquito Spraying. The ones that do or say they specialize in Mosquito Work charge a lot more than Rob. Depending on surrounding areas, sometimes it is just a waste of time and money. Rob will assess the situation a discuss it with you. EVERY yard is different.
Since Cobra Pest Control is a local one man operation and Rob Sullivan with over 28 years of “Mosquito Control Experience” who does all the work himself, “Mosquito Extermination” is done right the first time at a much better price and “Guarantee”. Cobra Pest Control has no managers, technicians or secretaries to pay or other expenses that the bigger companies pay. This cost saving is passed on to the customer.


"Rob was intelligent, more than courteous, and didn't mind getting into the worst of it!

He was also very good at explaining the life cycle of our critters and how the treatment gets to them. 

I feel 100% confident under his care.”
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"I am very satisfied with the fast and efficient service I received.

The price was reasonable and I was given a one year guarantee on service. I found Rob Sullivan, owner/operator, very friendly and efficient. I will call, Cobra Pest Control, again when needed.” 

Jim Gawvin
Providence, RI
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Thank you Again Rob.

You are always there for me. 

Amy Wright (89yrs.)
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Mosquito Information
Biology and Behavior

What are Mosquitoes?

Adult Mosquitoes are small, fragile insects with slender bodies; a pair of narrow wings and three pairs of long, slender legs. Mosquitoes vary in size from 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the breed. Mosquitoes have a long nose or beak used for piercing and sucking their meal. Mosquitoes may transmit diseases such as West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Dengue, Yellow Fever, and Malaria to humans. Mosquito borne Encephalitis is a viral inflammation of the brain. Encephalitis can infect humans, horses, and a variety of other mammals and birds. The CDC has a great website for reading up on these illnesses. Since most of the mosquitoes that transmit encephalitis will not travel very far, the risk of contracting encephalitis can be minimized by controlling the Mosquito Breeding Sites which are in close to your home. Water management, to prevent mosquito breeding, is essential for control. Eggs do not hatch unless they are in water. Remove old tires, buckets, tin cans, glass jars, broken toys and other water-catching devices. Change water in birdbaths and wading pools once or twice a week; clean out roof gutters holding stagnant water; and place tight covers over cisterns, cesspools, septic tanks, barrels, and tubs where water is stored. Never over-apply lawn and garden irrigation; fill, drain or treat tree holes; and drain or fill stagnant water pools, puddles, ditches, or swampy areas. Inspect water in plant containers, water in stumps the list is endless. Keep grass mowed, stock ponds and reservoirs with fish. About 230 different species of Mosquitoes can be found in the United States and about 3,500 world wide. Even though the Mosquito is known for their bites, blood sucking and itchy marks, Mosquitoes do not actually feed on blood; they get their food from the nectar of flowers and plants. Blood is only crucial for the development of Mosquito Eggs which require certain proteins found in the blood.

What do Mosquitoes look like?

Mosquito is a small insect with wings. It has a long thin body, long legs and 3 distinct body parts; Head, Thorax and Abdomen. The head has a long projecting stinger. This is the piercing, sucking mouth used to feed on blood.

Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Yes. Mosquitoes Bite, in a way with their Piercing Sucking Mouth (Think of a needle sucking more than injecting). Female Mosquitoes need a Blood meal to Reproduce.

What do Mosquito Bites look like?

Mosquito Bites are for the most part a large itchy bump. Most Mosquito Bites are harmless, but occasionally a Mosquito Mite causes a large area of swelling, soreness and redness. Easier said than done, try not to scratch. Use a calamine lotion or an over counter hydrocortisone cream. An antihistamine will help to. Always read and follow the label.

Can Mosquitoes cause any disease?

Yes. Mosquitoes are carriers of West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Yellow Fever and Malaria. If you have a sudden onset of headache, high fever, chills, and vomiting seek medical help.

What are the signs of having a Mosquito Breeding area
for Mosquitoes in my yard?

Large amounts of Mosquitoes at night even when to lights are off. Mosquitoes during the day in shaded areas could be an indication. Then again the Mosquito Breeding Area may be a block away and the Adult Mosquitoes are attracted to the lights at night. Any standing water may have Mosquitoes, eggs and Larva (also know as wigglers). The Mosquito Larvae stage are quite visible in water. All breeds of Mosquitoes need to lay their eggs in water.This water could be in old tires, toys, buckets, puddles, even poor draining rain gutters, basically anything that can hold even a small amount of water for a few days.

How can I rid my house of Mosquitoes?

It is very hard keep Mosquitoes out of your yard but you can make it less habitable or have a professional like Rob from Cobra Pest Control treat the yard and give on sight advice. Remove all standing water, even small drips. Spray an over the counter insecticide on the plants and other resting areas. Remember to read and follow the product label. Install some propane traps and bug zapper lights on the edge of the property. Put screens on windows and doors. Fix screens that have holes. At sunrise and sundown (when mosquitoes are most active), minimize outside activities. Remove any water from unused swimming pools or boats and cover them. Change the water in birdbaths at least two times a week. Help your neighbors, friends and family do the same things.

How did I get Mosquitoes?

The Adult Mosquito will fly quite a distance to find their victim. They are attracted to the light of the porch and window of your house. If you have shaded plants and shrubbery, this is a great resting place for Mosquitoes during the day. After a rain there is plenty of water for breeding and Mosquitoes only need a few days.

What does Cobra Pest Control Charge for
Mosquito Control Services?

First, we provide a very thorough Mosquito Inspection to assess the problem. Size of area to be treated, number of plants and shrubs used as resting spots and water areas. I recommend that you always get at least 2-3 estimates. Cobra is a one man operation with very little overhead. I have no salaries to pay, no commisions, and I personally do all the work myself. So I know it will be done right the first time. Go with price, experience, and what your instincts about the technician tells you. Ask ALOT of questions.

Mosquito Control Tips for your home

  • Use a Mosquito repellant and remember the kids.
  • Cover up even when its hot.
  • Avoid areas where Mosquitoes are.
  • Put mosquito netting over playpens and baby carriages.
  • Do not put DEET on infants. Read and follow the label.
  • Get rid of mosquito breeding grounds. This can be anything that holds water. A cup of water can be a breeding ground for thousands of Mosquitoes.
  • Change water in birdbaths once a week.
  • Fill in low areas in the yard with sand or soil to prevent puddles.
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