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"Rob brings over 20 years of experience to the table.

He is highly professional, knowledgable and accurate in his trade. He responds immediately to calls and referrals and his pricing is more than fair. In addition to using him at our home, I recommend him to all of my clients and friends."

Mary Brimer Alba

Financial Planner, Rockstar Recruiter, Biz Community Organizer, Sales Presentation & Referral Coach
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Rhode Island Pest Control Exterminator

“My Pest Control experience started in 1986 as a 19 year old apprentice with a small family owned company in Southern California. I spent 2 years on a pest control route learning about Entomology and pest control techniques. In 1988 I was promoted to training supervisor, this is where my real education began. My primary job was to make sure all the technicians were trained in all the proper safe and effective methods of pest control. California law is by far the most restrictive state in the US, requiring the most experience, training, and education to be a licensed technician. The time it takes to license and operate your own pest control company in California takes many years of apprenticeship and education. Rhode Island on the other hand, you may take a quick class and a short exam, and then you are considered and expert (kind of scary huh?). Thus there are many licensed pest control operators in Rhode Island with little or no experience. When I started with this small family owned Pest Control Company I was 1 of 6 employees. When I finally left I was 1 of 60 employees. I like to think that I had something to do with this growth. In 1997 I created Cobra Pest Control. Virtually over night though very little advertising, mainly by word of mouth Cobra Pest Control became one of the most respected and sought after companies in Southern California. Tired of the California rat race (no pun intended), tired of the crime, the lack of American patriotism, or lack of family values, etc. In 2003 I sold Cobra Pest Control. I then moved my family to Rhode Island where we have very strong family ties. Immediately I started at one of the larger New England Area Extermination Companies as a training supervisor (I love training). My main goal was to see if I could learn anything about how pest control is performed in New England. To my dismay, I was appalled at the lack of education and training here in Rhode Island. So with less than A year in Rhode Island I once again started Cobra Pest Control. It is strongly my belief that I am one of the most experienced pest control technicians in the state of Rhode Island. I am patient and very thorough. I enjoy showing my customers what I am seeing. I want my customers to feel good about any treatment I perform on their properties. I am constantly reading up on knew methods, Ideas, and techniques. My continuing education is very important to me, as it should be to my customers. I am a member of the National Pest Management Association and a member of the New England Pest Management Association. I am Termidor Certified, Quality Pro and Quality Pro Green Certified. I have authored many papers on Pest Control, Pesticide use and safety. I can be found on Google+, LinkedIn and most of the other social media sites. My photos and videos can be found all over the web. If I can be of any service to your home, business or family please call, email or text.

Let me prove myself to you.”

Rob Sullivan
RI License #4494

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