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Best Pest Control Exterminator in Rhode Island

Rob Sullivan providing a practical tried and true approach and is always thinking outside of the box.

 has been in the Pest Control Profession since 1986. The entire 30+ years spent in the field actually providing Extermination Services Personally. Rob brings all of that Pest Control Knowledge and Experience to every inspection and service he performs. Rob has attended hundreds of class time hours above and beyond what the State of Rhode Island requires.

Best Pest Control Customer Service
Robin Gerdin always provides exceptional Customer Service and goes above and beyond.

Robin has been providing customer service for all of her adult life, most of that in the Pest control field. If you need a fast and friendly answer or an appointment scheduled ASAP, Robin will go out of her way to accommodate you.
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We One Year Guarantees and this includes Bed Bug Control and Bat Exclusion. No one or no Pest Control Firm comes even close to these Guarantees. Since Cobra Pest Control is a “Local Exterminator” overhead is extremely low and we pass those saving on to you. Call and get a FREE PEST INSPECTION.

Rob’s Experience

“Before starting Cobra Pest Control and before we became the

“Best Rhode Island Pest Control Company”.

This is how I became an Exterminator. My pest control experience started in 1986 as a 19 year old apprentice with a small family owned company in Southern California.
spent 2 years on a pest control route learning about Entomology and pest control techniques. In 1988 I was promoted to training Supervisor, this is where my real education began. My primary job was to make sure all the technicians were trained in all the proper safe and effective methods of pest control. California law is by far the most restrictive state in the US, requiring the most experience, training, and education to be a licensed technician. The time it takes to license and operate your own pest control company in California takes many years of apprenticeship and education. Rhode Island on the other hand........”

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"Rob is an extremely competent and capable individual

who has provided service on my home since it was first constructed. He is both flexible and reliable, always willing to work with to satisfy my needs as a customer. He has shown great insight in problem solving as well - offering options to address concerns, not a "one size fits all" type of response/
approach. He clearly has excellent interpersonal skills and a customer service focus.
I recommend Rob without hesitation or reservation."

Mark Male

Executive Vice President at Rhode Island Association of Insurance Agents, Inc.
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"We hired Rob from Cobra Pest Control

to take care of a huge yellow jacket nest outside our house and to spray inside for fleas. He called me within two minutes of submitting my request to ServiceMagic and was very friendly and professional. Rob showed up on time for the work and sprayed the yellow jacket nest area twice and removed & disposed of the nest itself. He also sprayed our detached garage for fleas at my request (even after he had already put away his equipment). Our home is “Guaranteed for a year”, and he will come back out if we have any more problems during that time for free. Highly recommended!”

Sgt. Andrew J. Rasmussen U.S. Army Ret.
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Free Pest Control Inspections

For all of your Pest Control needs Cobra Pest Control is your best choice for Education and Experience. We service all of Rhode Island from Newport to Woonsocket and everywhere in between. Cobra Pest Control services Residential and Commercial buildings. Cobra Pest Control is a Family owned business. All Work is completely Guaranteed, in most cases for One Year. Your Exterminators Rob Sullivan has 30 years of  Pest Control Experience in the field and Dennis Chamberlin has over 18 years experience. 
Bed Bug Control comes with a one year guarantee. No Company comes close to a Bed Bug Guarantee like ours. Carpenter Ant Control is designed specifically for your property, everyone is different. Termite Control we use Termidor which is hands down the best Termiticide on the market. Mouse Control goes one step further than most companies by Rodent Proofing or sealing off all exterior entry points. Bat Control we use humane methods of one-way doors and sealing of entry points. Tick Control we protect your property by putting a Pest Barrier along your yards edge. Rob and Dennis are Experts in the Control of Bed Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Termites, Mice, Bats, Ticks and ALL of your Exterminating and Pest Control needs. We provide Pest Solutions and Exterminator Services in all of RI.

Exterminating Services

Carpenter Bee Control we treat each individual entrance hole to eliminate adults and more importantly the eggs. Carpenter Bee Damage is mostly hidden inside the wood in the form of galleries and brooding chambers. Powder Post Beetle Control is a method of treating all the exposed wood in the basement and attic with a low toxicity boron based product. Powder Post Beetle Damage is a piece of wood slowly being turned to powder. This can cause Structural Damage. Mosquito Control consists of identifying breeding areas and creating a barrier on Adult Mosquito resting spots in your surrounding foliage. RI Mosquitoes may carry or vector West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Cockroach Control is a crack and crevice approach attacking the areas where Roaches tend to hide. Roaches are known carriers of disease associated with Asthma and Allergies. Flea Control is a co-operative approach combining Extermination, Pet Care, Customer Education and Vacuuming. Fleas and Flea Bites are an irritating but more so for your pets which my have 100’s throughout their fur. Wasp Control includes knocking down the Wasp Nests, treating potential nesting sites as well as small opening along the roof line. Wasp stings are painful and some people may be allergic and not know it till they are stung. In rare occasions fatally. All of these Extermination jobs come with a One Year no questions asked Guarantee.

RI Pest Control

Yellow Jacket Control is a process that eliminates large nests usually in wall voids, colonies can have 1,000's of workers. Yellow Jackets are the smallest Bee but also the most aggressive. Centipede and Millipede Control targets the nesting areas such as the basement and small openings. Snake Control is limited to the interior by sealing of the exterior entry points, eliminating food sources and sometimes trapping. Mite Control is more of finding and eliminating the source usually a Bird Nest, Rodents or Bats. Spider Control is an interior and exterior treatment paying close attention to eaves, surrounding foliage and basements. Silverfish Control incorporates the safe use of USDA registered Products as well as searching for harborage areas. Nuisance Animal Control is a process of Humane Live Trapping and Exclusion. A Nuisance Animal is defined as a wild animal that may cause property damage and is perceived as a threat to human health or safety. This includes Opossum Control and Opossum Trapping, Skunk Control and Skunk Trapping, Raccoon Control and Raccoon Trapping. Squirrel Control is limited to the structure including the attic, basement and wall voids. Humane Live Trapping and Exterior Exclusion is used. Rat Control includes baiting, sealing off of exterior openings and treating exterior burrows.
Hornet Control or Bald-Faced Hornet Control is the process of eliminating the Hornet Nest completely with safe registered products and knocking down of the Hornet Nest. Pantry Pest Control is the inspection of food products for moths, beetles and larva. The elimination of infested product and the treatment of cupboards and other storage areas. Seasonal Pest Control is usually needed in the spring and fall. Many insects such a Lady Bugs and Squash Bugs will over winter in house or other building. Guano Cleaning is a process that safely eliminates droppings from Bats, Large Nuisance Animals, Mice, Squirrels and other Rodents. Disinfecting is also done. Animal Waste, Feces, Guano and other Droppings can carry Diseases, Bacteria and Parasites. These could include Histoplasmosis, Staphylococci, Streptococci, Hantavirus, Roundworm, Cryptococcus the list is pretty long. Suffice it to say all Animal waste should be picked up, cleaned up and disinfected. Digger Bee Control, Digging Wasps and Cicada Killers can be quite challenging. These Bees and Wasp dig pretty deep into the soil and lay eggs which will hatch and emerge to do the same. Control will most likely come from a Qualified Pest Control Exterminator.

Rhode Island Exterminator

Customer Satisfaction #1 Priority- Reliable On-Time Service

When you call Cobra Pest Control you talk to a real helpful and friendly person not an answering service or a secretary that passes on the information to someone else, Robin knows how to answer your questions but if she can't, Rob and Dennis are available to talk.

Want the “Best Rhode Island Pest Control Technician”? Call and ask for Rob or Dennis. Want the Tech with the most RI Pest Control Field Experience? Call Rob or Dennis. Want the best educated RI Exterminator? Call Rob or Dennis.

Most Experience, Best Training and Longest Guarantee

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